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How email security vulnerabilities help criminals commit wire fraud

If a criminal’s goal is to intercept wiring instructions, they could do so with a very simple phishing email. Once they gain access, they observe that email box for months and collect intel such as who communicates with who – and how.

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Why blockchain is the best defense against payment fraud

Cyber criminals operate on the cutting edge of technology. So should businesses. When it comes to storing sensitive client data, that means utilizing blockchain technology.

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Commonly asked questions: What is WireVault and how we’re different

WireVault leverages best-in-class security measures, including two-factor authentication and blockchain technology, to protect your or your organization’s most sensitive information.

Instantly upgrade your wire transfer process to be easier and more secure

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Wire fraud quietly happens all around us. Here are a few costly examples

About 80% of U.S. companies say they have been hacked by opportunistic cybercriminals who don’t need to change their playbook because vulnerable processes remain the norm.

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In the press: John Gavigan's latest startup challenge takes on finance fraud

“Of all the things I’ve done in my professional life, this is without a doubt the hardest,” Gavigan told The Buffalo News, “but it’s also the most rewarding.”

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How WireVault works: A step-by-step guide

WireVault replaces vulnerable and error-prone common practices for sharing wire transfer details with a web platform that's as user-friendly as it is secure.

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‘Night and day’: How WireVault is alleviating wire-transfer worries for one law firm

Rupp Pfalzgraf Controller Terry Kosmowski used to leave the office a bit anxious after a day’s work — particularly when that day involved any transferring of funds via wire.

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How WireVault makes wire transfers easier — and more secure

Emailing and texting are so ingrained in our everyday life that we don’t think twice before sharing banking instructions like account and routing numbers.

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From inspiration to solution: A simple safeguard against payment fraud

Dennis Vacco didn`t need any more food for thought. As he sat down for dinner with CrediVault CEO John Gavigan to discuss ways to use the blockchain technology ...