In the press: John Gavigan's latest startup challenge takes on finance fraud

CEO John Gavigan
WireVault CEO John Gavigan. (Joseph Cooke / The Buffalo News)

The entrepreneurial fire has burned strong within WireVault CEO John Gavigan since he was a teenager. After time spent guiding startups at 43North and Endeavor Western New York, it’s why Gavigan dove back into the inner workings of a startup venture with CrediVault — a company that develops financial applications that leverage blockchains in order to prevent financial fraud.

After more than a year building the company’s presence around the U.S., he feels closer than ever to lifting the Buffalo startup to new heights thanks to WireVault — one of CrediVault’s products.

“Of all the things I’ve done in my professional life, this is without a doubt the hardest,” Gavigan told The Buffalo News, “but it’s also the most rewarding.”

The Buffalo News talked with Gavigan, former New York State Attorney General and current partner at Lippes Mathias Dennis Vacco , and COO/CFO at Rupp Pfalzgraf Dominick Muto about the company’s origins, how it protects businesses from the significant problem of wire fraud, and the importance of a collaborative and supportive startup community.

“It makes sense that law firms would be the first market segment for WireVault,” Vacco said, “but I think it has applicability to any business or individual engaged in many and substantial wire transfers.”

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