Wire money with confidence.

1 in 4 companies are targeted for wire fraud.

Avoid financial loss by exchanging wire info using our blockchain-based web platform.

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The Wire Fraud Crisis

Traditional methods of communication leave your business exposed to wire fraud.

  • risk

    Compromised Emails

    Using email to collect and share wire info is risky. Accounts are easily hacked, and cybercriminals patiently monitor waiting for the right time to strike.

  • risk

    Risky Legacy Procedures and Data Storage

    Manual security procedures are not always followed, leaving traditional data storage vulnerable to hacks. Password reuse is common and use of two-factor authentication (2FA) is not guaranteed.

Wire Fraud Is The Second-leading Cyber Crime


Liability risks are everywhere and your clients' funds are at constant risk.

Source: D. Howard, Wire Fraud Is An Epidemic: Take These Three Steps To Protect Your Company From Cybercriminals

Wire Fraud Has Grown 30% Annually


$10+ billion is lost to cybercrime in the United States annually.

Source: FBI, Internet Crime Report (FBI, 2017-2022)

80% of U.S. Companies Have Been Hacked


Email systems are easily compromised by opportunistic hackers.

Source: Duke FUQUA, More Than 80% of Firms Say They Have Been Hacked The existing ways to collect and share wire ino are increasingly insecure

What Is WireVault?

A web app leveraging blockchain for best-in-class security. It’s easy to use and requires no integrations.

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Automated Process

Replaces emails and phone verification with security protocols that can’t be skipped. Eliminates human error and streamlines workflows.

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Easy Implementation

No integrations or implementation fees. Sign up for a free account and start collecting and sharing wire info securely.

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Blockchain Security

Wire info is stored on a tamper-proof, private blockchain that ensures only authorized access at every step; protects data from collection to execution.

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Reduce Liability

Enhanced cybersecurity measures, fully auditable processes, and insurance coverage up to $5,000,000 raise your standard of care.

How it works

Transform Your Wiring Process

Automate how you collect and share wire info to ensure that it’s secure and efficient.

Gather and organize sensitive wire info with real-time notifications, ensuring every step is monitored and secure.
Utilize our private blockchain to keep wire info safe, protecting data integrity and preventing any unauthorized changes.
Grant permission to authorized users to securely view wire info and complete transactions with full confidence and traceability.
Find a plan for your needs
Plans are based on how many wires you send and the number of users you need.



Share unlimited deposit info
Collect payment info: 1x/month
1 user



Share unlimited deposit info
Collect payment info: 3x/month
1 user

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Hyperledger Fabric

Our Blockchain Technology

WireVault is built using the most stable and current version of Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source, enterprise-level, private blockchain.

  • Private

    Only those vetted and granted permission can validate the information on the blockchain.

  • Encrypted

    Information on our blockchain can only be decrypted by peers with the consent of WireVault.

  • Distributed

    The blockchain is a shared database, protected by peers on the network.